Mosaic NetworX Provides You with Affordable Services through the CTF

If you are seeking a telecom provider that is accredited to participate in the California Teleconnect Fund, you can find Internet and voice solutions with Mosaic NetworX! Our team is proud to work with the state of California to provide a wide range of technology services to schools, hospitals, libraries, and other eligible non-profit organizations.

Mosaic NetworX is proud to support the CTF. Image courtesy of the State of California

What is the CTF?

The California Teleconnect Fund was established in 1996 as a way for the state to promote universal access to telecommunications technology for organizations, groups, and businesses with limited or restricted funding. Mosaic NetworX offers Internet and voice services as part of this program.  This Fund is financed by a surcharge placed on California consumers of intrastate telecommunications services.

Who benefits from the CTF?

The reality is that all Californians benefit from the California Teleconnect Fund as it empowers groups and organizations to work more efficiently at a lower cost. These organizations are working to advance the interests of all Californians, and the state’s commitment to telecommunications access for each of them goes a long way in helping them reach their goals.  Specific organizations eligible for funding from the CTF include hospitals, libraries, schools, and select non-profit groups.

How can Mosaic NetworX help my organization?

If your organization is eligible to participate in the California Teleconnect Fund, the Mosaic NetworX team welcomes the opportunity to work with you. Contact our team today to find out more about our services.

If you think your organization may be eligible but you’re not sure, check out the CTF Eligibility Criteria or contact us to find out more.

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“Mosaic helped us get the best priced deal on an aggregate commit, while still keeping some flexibility in our carrier contracts, which was important to us. When we switched from static routing to using BGP, the Mosaic team was helpful at all stages of the process, and the migration went very smoothly. Mosaic has a helpful and technically proficient staff, and I have always had positive and technical communications with them. I highly recommend them.”
Manager of Technical Operations, Storm8
Mosaic NetworX helped us navigate the murky world of data center network providers. We were able to negotiate one deal for two carriers and get a great rate in the process. When it came time to upgrade our connections for higher speeds, Mosaic was there to help us once again. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our company accomplish its goals.
Director, Infrastructure Engineering, Eye-Fi
Many Networks One Solution®

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