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The #1 Reason WANs Fail Critical Business Initiatives

SD-WAN as-a-Service Bridges the “Application Performance Gap” Between Stand-Alone SD-WAN and Multi-Carrier Services

Many organizations struggle with the dichotomy of WAN infrastructure solutions. They want centralized management, and reliable, agile application delivery. While at the same time, they struggle with the time and costs associated with multiple carrier contract negotiations, network deployments, and a tangle of invoices and payments. And when maintenance problems arise, they must deal with different support organizations from each carrier NOC.

The #1 reason why WANs fail, is because there is a productivity gap that exists between managing complex networks in-house, verses having a managed service provider handle it for you.

Download this quick guide, and find out how to bridge this gap, by leveraging a single point of contact for SD-WAN, multi-carrier transports, and over-the-top cloud (OTTC) business connectivity services for complete WAN infrastructure solutions.

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“Mosaic helped us get the best priced deal on an aggregate commit, while still keeping some flexibility in our carrier contracts, which was important to us. When we switched from static routing to using BGP,  the Mosaic team was helpful at all stages of the process, and the migration went very smoothly. Mosaic has a helpful and technically proficient staff, and I have always had positive and technical communications with them. I highly recommend them.
Manager of Technical Operations, Storm8
Mosaic NetworX helped us navigate the murky world of data center network providers. We were able to negotiate one deal for two carriers and get a great rate in the process. When it came time to upgrade our connections for higher speeds, Mosaic was there to help us once again. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our company accomplish its goals.
Director, Infrastructure Engineering, Eye-Fi

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