Do you get a yearly physical exam? If you’re in your twenties, the answer may be, no. But as you move into your thirties and forties, and even more so, into your fifties and sixties, the answer increasingly is yes. Why? Because, as we get older, our risks become greater.

While, generally speaking, this is the case for most people, it isn’t the case for businesses. A security assessment is likely not part of the annual business plan. Cyber threats among small and mid-sized companies is high, because they tend to be the most vulnerable, often lacking the budgets, expertise and experience of larger, more established companies.

Companies get security assessments for three reasons:

  1. They want to mitigate the possibility of a breach
  2. They have a regulatory requirement
  3. They’ve been breached

When we get a yearly physical exam, the motivation is detection. The idea is to catch something early, before it becomes a significant problem. The same holds true for a company’s security health. Because once a breach happens, it’s too late to mitigate it, and it becomes a cleanup operation.

A security assessment reveals your company’s vulnerabilities, and prescribes the remedies to mitigate them. If you want to protect the health of your company, contact a Mosaic security professional at 877-481-0412, and learn how we can help.