Out of The Phone Closet
& Into the Cloud

With Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone,  your days of worrying about your legacy equipment struggling to keep up with the growing demands of your dynamic business environment are over.  CloudPhone takes the office phone system out of the corner closet and puts it in the cloud. No more expensive hardware or complicated software.

Telecommunication solutions for businesses of all sizes have changed dramatically in recent years. A closet full of hardware is now an expensive, complicated, and restrictive solution, compared to CloudPhone services. CloudPhone provides access to new features, with increased reliability and scalability.

How It Works

CloudPhone solutions offer businesses and employees features and benefits unavailable with an in-house, hardware-based PBX. Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone is a fully-integrated communications solution for organizations of all sizes.

Deploying CloudPhone couldn’t be simpler. First, your employees plug softphones and PCs into your Internet connection. Then, simply install the CloudPhone application on employee smartphones and devices. Once installed, the application connects with Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone platform to seamlessly deliver voice calls, faxes, conference calls, and more.

Regardless of location, employees will have full access to the entire CloudPhone feature set, and a better experience for customers and clients alike.

Mosaic NetworX provides guidance and consultation during both the setup and management of your CloudPhone deployment. From converting your existing lines and phone numbers, to adding users and setting up voicemail, Mosaic NetworX will help configure and optimize your CloudPhone installation to fit your specific needs. From there, management is simple and intuitive.

Features & Benefits

CloudPhone from Mosaic NetworX provides access to tools and features designed to help your employees stay connected to clients, contacts, and partners. From teleconferencing to remote voicemail delivery, CloudPhone gives your organization an enterprise-grade phone solution at a fraction of the price.

Some of the features included with Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone include:

CloudPhone empowers your organization to communicate like never before. Instead of a cumbersome, restrictive, and expensive phone system, you now have access to a flexible, easy-to-manage, full-featured virtual communications solution. From administrators to individual users, CloudPhone increases productivity while reducing cost. Consider:

Mosaic Networx Can Help You Choose the Right Solution

The advantages are clear, but that doesn’t mean that settling on and deploying the right solution for your organization is simple. Mosaic NetworX has deep expertise in CloudPhone solutions and provides a consultative approach to finding the right solution for your specific needs.

Mosaic NetworX knows your business is unique, and we provide customizable solutions that allow you to scale up and down as needed. We take a holistic approach to developing the CloudPhone infrastructure that you require. From small businesses with a distributed workforce to multinational enterprises, the engineers and experts at Mosaic NetworX can architect the right solution for your business and your business alone.

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“Mosaic helped us get the best priced deal on an aggregate commit, while still keeping some flexibility in our carrier contracts, which was important to us. When we switched from static routing to using BGP, the Mosaic team was helpful at all stages of the process, and the migration went very smoothly. Mosaic has a helpful and technically proficient staff, and I have always had positive and technical communications with them. I highly recommend them.”
Manager of Technical Operations, Storm8
Mosaic NetworX helped us navigate the murky world of data center network providers. We were able to negotiate one deal for two carriers and get a great rate in the process. When it came time to upgrade our connections for higher speeds, Mosaic was there to help us once again. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our company accomplish its goals.
Director, Infrastructure Engineering, Eye-Fi
Many Networks One Solution®

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