Bridging the “Application Performance Gap” Between SD-WAN and Multi-Carrier Services

Many organizations struggle with the dichotomy of WAN infrastructure solutions. They want the centralized management, and reliable and agile application delivery SD-WAN provides. While at the same time, they struggle with the time and costs associated with multiple carrier contract negotiations, invoices and payments. And when maintenance problems arise, they must deal with different support organizations from each service provider NOC. Mosaic NetworX is a turnkey solution integrator for SD-WAN that delivers many benefits.

Mosaic NetworX bridges this gap, providing a single point of contact, for SD-WAN, multi-carrier transports, and over-the-top cloud (OTTC) business connectivity services.

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Let’s face it, no matter how vendors spin their marketing messages, WAN infrastructure is complicated, time-consuming and resource-intensive.

When SD-WAN is purchased as a stand-alone edge appliance solution, there is a hefty long-term cost and resource burden around it. SD-WAN edge appliance vendors will sell their technology, only to leave enterprise IT teams and network integrators to handle the complicated process of integrating everything. They make it all sound so simple and easy. They also make SD-WAN benefits sound economical. They neglect to talk about the time and costs for integration, multiple carrier MSAs, transport deployments, and multiple carrier NOC support. Additionally, consider the internal IT time and cost to deploy, manage, monitor, support, and coordinate everything, everywhere, in perpetuity. Mosaic NetworX streamlines this whole matrix into one single solution.

When SD-WAN are acquired from a carrier, the enterprise is limited by the carrier’s network. The incumbent carrier won’t bring competitors into their SD-WAN solution limiting its benefits. This means they may not offer the lowest price and optimum network design. If the carrier has an outage, your network goes down, too.

If an incumbent carrier doesn’t have fiber in a customer’s new building, it may require an expensive network buildout. If another carrier’s fiber is available in that building, the customer can have them provide WAN connectivity for that location. However, this puts additional burden on the customer, to manage and coordinate multiple carrier negotiations, and work with different NOCs, multiple support organizations, with separate, often complex billings.

The benefit of SD-WAN combines multiple transports, and automates business and network policies for multiple physical and logical paths. This improves application performance, and eliminates outages and brown-outs from any one carrier network. However, carrier SD-WAN offerings typically leave little choice but to use their networks. Unfortunately, this approach defeats the intended purpose and real benefits of SD-WAN. Mosaic is carrier agnostic, having wholesale contracts with over 300 carriers worldwide.

Mosaic SoftWave® is a fully managed, SD-WAN as-a-service. Mosaic simplifies application delivery infrastructure, by providing a single point of contact for SD-WAN and its benefits, with multi-carrier transports, and custom network services.

This encompasses planning, designing, and negotiating multiple carrier MSAs and connections. It also includes managing, monitoring, and supporting everything, edge-to-edge, through our global NOC. We simplify things further, including everything within a single, easy to understand invoice.

Mosaic is carrier agnostic, having negotiated wholesale contracts with over 300 carriers worldwide. This enables us to offer additional SD-WAN benefits, by providing the best connections based on proximity, price, deployment time, and service quality.

Because Mosaic is a full-service integrator, we offer custom business connectivity solutions on top of SD-WAN, including hosted VoIP (cloud phone), 24/7 global NOC support, QoS programming/configuring, private-line provisioning, fiber construction to buildings, and data center placement.

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