SD-WAN Liberates Applications from the Network

SD-WAN literally frees applications from the underlying networks they run on, providing a secure overlay, independent of all network links and devices. Reliable SD-WAN network solutions can separate the network from the management plane, and decouple traffic management and monitoring functions from hardware devices.

All this decoupling and separating means one thing – application liberation from the network. A separate control plane enables automated configuration and management, allowing applications to run independently across remote locations, over any wired and wireless networks. SD-WAN provides reliable network solutions that enable centralized and flexible programming over diverse and distributed network infrastructure. Policies can define users and groups, the applications they use, and the service levels they receive. Using the SD-WAN orchestrator, business policies span the data plane components, providing reliable performance, regardless of any network changes.

Unlike traditional branch networking with internal hardcoded paths, SD-WAN dynamically routes traffic within its external overlay. Edge SD-WAN devices securely connect to multiple cloud gateways, where traffic is routed, based on destination, application type, policy and best path, for reliability and performance.

Highly scalable, policy-based WAN management and monitoring is accomplished through a single pane of glass. This allows the SD-WAN to efficiently orchestrate policies across thousands of branch sites, and provides a consolidated view across all remote locations and network links. Fine-grained application recognition and visibility enables the granular-tuning of link utilization, and proactive troubleshooting, including real-time monitoring and historical reporting.

Because network connections are secure, applications can go directly to SaaS and public clouds, like, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure, without having to backhaul traffic through the corporate data center.

Built on VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud, Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN reliable managed network solutions are comprised of zero-touch edge devices (either virtual software that runs on standard COTS, or pre-configured appliances), a central controller with orchestration, and hundreds of cloud gateways that create a global private cloud network.

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