When we place too much importance on one attribute of something, we can lose sight of all the other elements involved. For every successful result, there are usually many elements that contribute to success.

When you finally take that well-deserved cruise, you hope the ship caption is experienced and skilled and the ship recently serviced, but do you think about the weather conditions, food and entertainment preparations, and the personnel ensuring your safe and successful trip? Behind the scenes, and across the world, there is a complex system at work to enable your trip.

Applications, devices, data, analytics, and networks all play critical roles in making IoT network connectivity work. Networks connect IoT devices to everything. Without them, IoT would be like a cruise ship trying to go from the United States to Hawaii without an ocean.

Great Changes Are Upon Us

IoT relies on applications that collect data from devices, and travel across long distance networks to corporate and cloud data centers. In large part, the Internet is supporting the exponential growth of IoT. But this does not come without complications. The mission-critical nature of many IoT devices and applications makes slow and unreliable IoT network connectivity unacceptable. This is the reason for the massive digital transformation that networking infrastructure is experiencing.

SD-WAN is leading this massive transformation, and enterprises of all sizes are taking advantage of SD-WAN to gain agility, lower costs, and improve connectivity. Mosaic is a leading provider of SD-WAN as-a-Service. While SD-WAN has its own set of benefits, when delivered as-a-Service, even greater benefits are achieved.

Mosaic is a Unique Industry Leader

Mosaic NetworX is a solution integrator for SD-WAN as-a-Service. We provide fully managed, SD-WAN services that move businesses forward. A single point of contact for all SD-WAN and carrier network services, Mosaic reliably connects IoT devices and their apps – anywhere.

For over a decade, Mosaic has built a solid reputation, by providing premier network infrastructure consulting and integration services. The network can no longer be a barrier that imposes complexity and rigidity between dynamic business requirements and time-sensitive opportunities. Mosaic eliminates the network as an obstacle, and empowers the WAN to be a conduit for business-driven IoT network connectivity enablement.

SD-WAN and network transport services are bundled within one multi-carrier contract. Business and IT departments are free from the burden of dealing with the high costs and time-consuming tasks of managing multiple business and technical interactions associated with SD-WAN and network infrastructure. This enables your organization to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Mosaic incorporates all things associated with SD-WAN, including multiple carrier negotiations, MSA contracts, and transport procurements across all regions and locations. We support the entire WAN infrastructure end-to-end, and package everything into a single, easy-to-understand invoice.

Multi-location organizations with public, private, hybrid and Internet-only connectivity to cloud-hosted apps, achieve enterprise-grade IoT network connectivity. Mosaic provides secure, direct access to IoT devices and applications, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.

Want to see how else SD-WAN can improve IoT network connectivity? Contact us today to learn more.