There are many “below the surface” complexities associated with SD-WAN. These complexities hold business back and sidetrack IT teams from working on strategic initiatives – ultimately causing WANs to fail. They encompass both technologies and business interactions across multiple functional areas, including:

  • Network infrastructure and SD-WAN deployments
  • Multi-carrier contract negotiations
  • Transport provisioning delays
  • Complicated invoices and billing disputes
  • Multiple NOC support organizations to coordinate

The Mosaic team is pleased to share the news about our Global Carrier Management (GCM) service. GCM service enables enterprises to achieve 24/7/365 WAN integrity and performance, regardless of locations, transforming your WAN into a business productivity machine.

We all know enterprise WANs are growing more complex, with multi-clouds, IoT, mobility, and unified communications. This has been exacerbated by global offices located within different time zones, with different languages and currencies. It becomes further compounded, with multiple carriers, each with separate contacts, support organizations, and internal processes to manage and coordinate.

It’s Time for IT to Focus on Moving Business Forward

IT personnel spend countless hours on the phone with multiple carriers, working on the time-consuming manual processes of setting up, configuring and troubleshooting network issues.   Additionally, they must coordinate tickets and conduct testing, in an effort to get issues resolved. With all of these challenges, many enterprises are utilizing the expertise of global carrier managed services, that offer:

  • Fully managed networks to small enterprises with no IT resources
  • Co-managed networks for mid-sized enterprises with limited IT resources
  • Offloading of low-level networking tasks, and proactively monitoring large enterprise networks

Mosaic becomes an extension of your organization. Using our specialized technical and business skills, and deep networking and telecom industry knowledge, we provide the guidance you’re looking for to achieve optimal network connectivity. Our proven, process-driven methodologies, ensure diverse networks easily scale with your organization, improving user productivity and providing seamless access to the cloud, to meet your varied business needs.

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