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Software-defined WAN technology is widely used by enterprise networks to move more network control to the cloud by combining connections and orchestrating connectivity to ensure enterprises get more efficient and consistent application delivery. Why consider SD-WAN as-a-Service? It takes networking to the next level by having a single-source service provider take complex network infrastructure, and manage it for the company.

SD-WAN is explained as helping IT merge voice, data, and video applications into a single and complete solution that helps enterprises optimize bandwidth by prioritizing traffic. This is very critical, as more businesses move applications to the cloud, requiring faster and more reliable WAN connectivity. With users relying on more devices to access data from multi-connected endpoints, demands for better performance are increasing.

It’s an ever-evolving landscape that poses many challenges, but it can be navigated with ease when using Mosaic NetworX managed SD-WAN services. By combining software-defined efficiency, enterprises can enjoy unparalleled visibility across their WAN, comprehensive security, optimal connectivity for end users, and improved application performance, which is why SD-WAN is a considerable solution.

Understanding the Challenges That Enterprises Face

The increasing adoption of cloud technology has resulted in an unprecedented demand for low-cost enterprise connectivity that is empowered by SD-WAN. Software-defined networking technology virtualizes diverse circuits to automatically prioritize traffic between network links and paths, so enterprises can enjoy reliable connectivity for business-critical applications.

Unfortunately, many factors come into play against enterprises that are trying to leverage the power of SD-WAN, when it comes to deploying branch connectivity faster, lower WAN costs, and enjoy the freedom to choose the best networks to match their needs. These factors show why SD-WAN as-a-Service is a solution to today’s cloud challenges:

  • Complex WAN infrastructure
  • Unpredictable management scope
  • Carrier contracts are typically inflexible and long-term
  • Large network carriers are limited only to a handful of players
  • Limited choices for local access and Internet at remote locations
  • Difficulties involved in changing network providers
  • Security vulnerabilities

How can enterprises counter these challenges? Mosaic NetworX explains that SD-WAN can help you address these challenges by leveraging managed SD-WAN as-a-Service, with a single point of contact for SD-WAN, over-the-top cloud (OTTC) business connectivity services, and multi-carrier transports.

Here’s why you should consider SD-WAN as-a-Service:

Improved Application Performance

Here’s why to consider SD-WAN as-a-Service: it helps deliver consistently better application performance, compared to traditional WANs like MPLS. This is achieved through application acceleration which is critical in addressing performance issues that enterprises face, as well as slow application performance for today’s bandwidth-hungry and business-critical applications, especially when facilitating connections for international branch offices.

With the best SD-WAN solution, optimized end-to-end, and delivered over a reliable and secure private global network, enterprises can enjoy consistent application performance for today’s mobile employees, regardless of whether they’re using cloud or on-premise resources. SD-WAN eliminates long application response times, unpredictable performance, and degraded voice and video calls. These are only a few reasons why SD-WAN is the best solution.

Seamless Cloud and SaaS Application Integration

Today’s public Internet is a shared medium of communication, which often leads to congestion and packet loss. Considering that enterprises are relying more on resource-intensive connectivity, this option lacks the security and reliability required to access and manage cloud and SaaS applications.

SD-WAN can further be explained as a service where enterprises can experience significant performance improvements up to 40x higher, for their cloud or SaaS applications over a secure global private cloud network.

Smart Link Aggregation

Enterprises are seeing how SD-WAN can reduce the complexity of dealing with network operations at the branch level, without compromising on application performance. With edge intelligence, offered through SD-WAN, enterprises automatically deploy link aggregation to simplify network management, enable load balancing, and converge WAN edge functionality.

Compression and Data Deduplication

SD-WAN as-a-service offers compression and data deduplication technologies that help you reduce the bandwidth consumed when transmitting enterprise-wide data between locations, by eliminating the redundancy challenges that happen within data flows. This also results in much higher throughput over the WAN, leading to much more effective and faster application performance across long distances.

Secure Global Private Network Access

With Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-service, you can take advantage of our global private network.

Fully Managed Single Vendor Solution

As a single vendor solution, offering end-to-end network planning and design, procurement and provisioning, continuous network monitoring and support, SD WAN as-a-service helps enterprises save costs, enable IT resources to focus on strategic projects, and reduce network complexity. With 24/7 support, central management and visibility, enterprises are able to manage SD-WAN services from a single cloud-based portal.

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