Clark Kent seemed like a mild-mannered reporter. He could easily have maintained that role, and remained aloof from his greater calling to protect the quality of life and safety of his city and its citizens. But that’s not how he rolled. He was born to act upon his skills and become Superman, and save the day – every day.

As technology implementers, we can’t let the challenge of change, prevent us from moving beyond traditional networks that can put our businesses at risk. To remain competitive, we must deploy the right solutions that allow us to overcome ever-changing demands. We need cost-effective networks that are secure and reliable, agile and easy to manage, and can scale on-demand.

Some networking technologies have unique strengths, as well as vulnerabilities. For example, traditional networks have served large enterprises well for decades. However, with new demands from cloud and SaaS, and mobility, traditional networks have shown their vulnerabilities, along with high costs, long deployments, and rigid requirements that have caused them to become a burden.

The cloud, mobile connectivity, IoT, and unified communications have ushered in sweeping changes and challenges. The Internet and wireless networks are saving the day, with lower cost, flexibility and diversity of options. However, along with new opportunities, the Internet has given us new problems. With the exponential growth of cloud, IoT and mobility, the security risks and inherent problems with latency, packet loss and jitter are the Internet’s Kryptonite. Rather than business-critical applications traveling faster than a speeding bullet, they can be unreliable, painfully slow, and vulnerable to cyberattacks.

This digital transformation has made traditional networks ineffective against newer SD-WAN solutions, that enable greater reliability, agility, lower bandwidth costs, and faster deployments.

SD-WAN as-a-Service – a New Super Capability

Enterprises looking to lower costs by deploying hybrid networks, or Internet-only WAN solutions, should consider Mosaic Networx.

Mosaic overcomes network problems by disrupting the SD-WAN status quo, through managed SD-WAN as a service. Mosaic enables companies to gain simplicity, performance and control, while reducing operating costs. We provide an innovative service offering that is a highly orchestrated, single-vendor SD-WAN and multi carrier network services solution.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN uses automated network virtualization and centralized programable control of network elements based on business policies. This mitigates network performance problems by proactively routing traffic across multiple connections using the best path to avoid congestion and failures.

For SD-WAN to be successful, it needs to be planned, deployed, managed, monitored and supported with the best technologies and network connections for every remote office. Mosaic delivers the economical, reliable, flexible, and scalable connectivity that enterprises need to compete in today’s globally connected world.

Enterprises demand greater WAN performance and availability. SD-WAN can deliver, but not if you IT team is distracted by time-consuming manual tasks and complicated infrastructure issues. Mosaic eliminates the time and costs that organizations incur, dealing with the multiplicity of SD-WAN technologies, multi-carrier circuits, contracts, and support organizations.

Mosaic simplifies application delivery infrastructure for SD-WAN and network services. This includes planning, designing, negotiating multiple carrier MSAs and connections. It also includes provisioning, monitoring, and supporting everything, edge-to-edge, through our global USA-based NOC. We then simplify things further, with one multi-carrier contract, and including everything within a single invoice.  Yes, it’s true, Mosaic NetworX is really Superman in a business suit.

IT Saves the Day

It you are responsible for your company’s WAN infrastructure, with Mosaic SoftWave as-a-Service, you can be a hero every day, by keeping apps running reliably, even with a failed circuit. You can leverage advanced technologies and services to ensure your users and business are protected from cyberattacks.

You are on the front lines fighting network villains that steal application performance and reliability, and solving network problems that rob your organization’s ability to quickly adapt to dynamic business requirements. Daily you protect the corporate network, ensuring business-critical applications safely access cloud, SaaS and data center destinations.

With Mosaic, you will bound geographically separated networks to save a growing workforce of branch office and mobile workers. With centrally managed rules and policies that orchestrate all your branch offices, you will ensure business-critical applications have the priority and reliability they need. Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN will ensure your networks are agile, transporting applications at the speed of today’s digital business.

Network heroes use Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service to speed applications to their destinations, whether on premise, or in the cloud. They prevent security threats and protect applications from network black-outs and brown-outs, and keep performance optimal by avoiding latency, jitter and packet loss. Users get a quality experience – ensuring employees are productive, and customers are satisfied.