Information security training for employees

Preventing Security Breaches with Information Security Training for Employees

Studies have shown that over 60% of security breaches are internal — either by malicious employees or careless ones. Many data breaches occur due to a lack of basic cybersecurity awareness when employees unwittingly open the company gates to contravention. Because preventing security breaches is the responsibility of every member on your team, proper information security training for employees is critical. Cybersecurity awareness should be a part of every business’s security strategy, as your employees are responsible for handling your company’s data every day. Learn how to protect your digital assets, and your business as a whole, when you read on here.

Key Questions for Your Company

As you start formulating an information security training plan for employees, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do employees leave computers unlocked and unattended with business information on their screens?
  • Do employees use multi-factor authentication to log in to their company computer, email account, and databases?
  • Are remote users required to adhere to all internal security requirements?

As you answer these questions, you start to discover where your company is vulnerable and what steps you should take to better protect digital assets.

Employees are Security Targets

employee data breach

Employees are just as much of a target vector as your firewall and other security elements. They are also part of your company’s defense. If trained properly, they can better handle and protect your company’s data. Information security training for your employees is vital to ensuring corporate digital data is protected. Because the threats to your cyber security are always changing, ongoing training is necessary.

The risk of a data breach increases when employees work remotely, yet few businesses consider comprehensive policies developed specifically for employees who work away from the office. Nearly 25% of small businesses have indicated a remote employee or external vendor was the cause of a data breach at their company. Contractors or outside vendors dramatically extend the target vectors for data breaches into your company. Preventing security breaches means more cybersecurity is necessary to protect your company when attackers target company supply chains and business partners.

Increasing Sophistication Among Hackers

From artificial intelligence to behavioral analytics, hackers today are utilizing more and more sophisticated tactics to fool employees. They send legitimate looking emails, known as phishing, asking employees to click on the links included within the email. Hackers also spoof emails from executives and other management staff by obtaining their credentials. They will ask for company information, request employees send money on behalf of an executive employee, or deploy sentries and bots to monitor company activity. Information security training for your employees helps raise awareness of these tactics and ensure all your team members know what to look for in suspicious emails and requests.

Employee Training is Effective

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Information security training for your employees should be an ongoing process to promote a company culture of good security practices and meeting regulatory requirements. At Mosaic NetworX, we can assist you with comprehensive training for all your employees. We are experts in providing simulated attacks to establish benchmarks to discover which of our targeted programs you need. With an ever-expanding library of over 150 different user training modules, we can empower employees to recognize security dangers, report threats, and respond accordingly.

Reach out to Mosaic NetworX today to learn more about our risk assessment programs, compliance analysis, and SD-WAN management.