Global carrier managed services enable small and mid-sized enterprises to achieve 24/7/365 WAN integrity and performance, regardless of time zones and geographic locations.

Larkspur, CA – May 28, 2019 – Mosaic NetworX, a leader in managed SD-WAN as-a-Service, and managed cybersecurity, enhances their global carrier management (GCM) services to proactively meet the diverse networking needs of companies with geographically distributed offices.

GCM services are controlled through Mosaic’s US-based Network Operations Center (NOC), which supports networks around the world. The Mosaic NOC is a fully redundant facility for carrier-grade reliability, delivering proactive, around-the-clock monitoring.

“Small and mid-sized enterprises have limited financial and IT resources, yet they face many of the same WAN challenges as large enterprises that have a more robust infrastructure and budget”, states Brian Erickson, president of Mosaic NetworX. “Enterprise WANs are growing more complex, with multi-clouds, IoT, mobility, and unified communications. This is exacerbated by multiple carriers in different time zones, with different languages and currencies.”

With all of these challenges, many enterprises are utilizing the expertise of global carrier managed services, that offer:

  • Fully managed networks to small enterprises with no IT resources
  • Co-managed networks for mid-sized enterprises with limited IT resources
  • Offloading of low-level networking tasks while proactively monitoring large, enterprise networks

The labor costs required to build and support an in-house team is high, and allocating skilled personnel to low-level, mundane tasks is bad resource management. “Time is a critical consideration for us,” states Jason Thomson, IT Division Manager at Motherload Holding Company. “We don’t want our IT staff spending endless hours working on low-level tasks and network problems that take them away from more important projects. Mosaic has become an extension of our IT organization, taking on all the complex, time-consuming and tedious tasks of managing, monitoring and responding to network issues, so our IT team can focus on more high-value initiatives.”

Beyond IT responsibilities, there are many additional chores required of finance and legal departments for carrier management, including:

  • Negotiating Multiple MSA’s – sometimes for one circuit
  • Incurring enormous legal expense to negotiate individual contracts
  • Extended time to negotiate MSA’s sometimes 3 to 6 months – this causes major delays in deployments
  • There are over 2700 carriers (LECs, CLECs, RLECs, Broadband, Fixed Wireless, etc.)
  • Acquiring carrier profiles
  • Setting up banking information
  • Additional stress and workload for the AP department managing purchase orders
  • Time required for every invoice to be downloaded through multiple carrier billing portals

More Than Just a NOC

Mosaic doesn’t just respond to problems; we proactively look for issues. More often than not, if a network problem occurs, we fix it before a customer is even aware of it. But Mosaic is more than a NOC. Across the board, Mosaic will increase network performance and capacity, while reducing complexity and cost:

  • Mosaic is a carrier, leveraging wholesale buying agreements from more than 400 providers globally to achieve network diversity requirements, delivering networks virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Mosaic is a WAN simplification provider, leveraging SD-WAN technology from VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud, and delivering it in a highly orchestrated, single-vendor solution.
  • Mosaic’s world-class service assigns a project manager (PM) to every installation. PMs are savvy IT and carrier professionals who know how to solve problems, in order to deliver a “bullet-proof” customer experience.
  • GCM services simplify the procurement and administration of network services. Mosaic technicians save time and reduce costs by liberating a company’s skilled resources from low-level work, while eliminating multi-vendor confusion.

 About Mosaic NetworX

Mosaic NetworX is a global solutions integrator, providing SD-WAN as-a-Service, global carrier management services and managed cybersecurity services, that move business forward. Mosaic eliminates the network as an obstacle, and empowers the WAN to be a secure conduit for business enablement. A single point of contact for SD-WAN, global carrier networks and cybersecurity managed services, Mosaic reliably delivers apps – anywhere. To learn more, visit, or call 800-688-3770.

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