Recruitment Tips from Mosaic NetworX

Building a technical team is no different than building a skilled organization in any sector. You must establish a culture, find people who fit that culture, and make sure that the various skill sets they each possess fit well together and provide expertise in all the right areas. Like an alchemist, you work to find the people who will create a competent and cohesive technical team.

But what does that mean? What does it mean to bring people onto your team that “fit” with your company’s vision and mission while also delivering the technical skills you need? Read on here for some of the top recruitment tips from Mosaic NetworX.

What Goes Into Recruiting Technical Talent

recruiting a talented technical team

In recruiting the right technical talent for your team, you should leave no stone unturned in your search. Finding the right team members is key to your organization’s success, so cutting corners is not an option. Ask yourself a few of these questions before you start searching for your technical team:

  • Where can you find people with the right skills first?
  • Do you want people that fit other criteria, such as experience or education level?
  • Can you even source someone in your area?
  • Do you need a broader search since you are requiring a specific and rare skill set?
  • Will you engage a recruiter to help in your search?
  • Will you post an advertisement on a jobs website and see what comes in?

You probably already know that there is no magic formula for building a great team, but Mosaic NetworX has some great recruitment tips that can give you an advantage as you look to add technical talent to your organization.

1. Saying No

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This may be an obvious recruitment tip, but you should practice saying “No” a lot. Whether deciding to staff an entire team or a single position, job requisitions are almost always born of either necessity or a defined desire to move your organization forward. As a result, it can be easy to hire candidates that meet the minimum level of need simply to fill the open position. But make no mistake, good enough isn’t always good. Resist the temptation to fill a job with a merely adequate candidate. You are trying to build the right technical team, and you must accept that doing so may take some time.

2. Once is Enough

When recruiting technical talent, fill a position once and only once. Don’t hire redundancy. One of the byproducts of not saying “no” enough is that you are likely to end up with an employee that excites you at first, but then fails to impress over time. You may find yourself hiring a new, better candidate for the exact same position at a later date. This leaves you with redundant team members with overlapping skills instead of complementary abilities.

3. Balance Expertise and Competency

One of our top recruitment tips has to do with balance. Some technical professionals are expert at a specific technology, while others have a skill-set that covers a number of disciplines. The best technical teams have a mix of both types of talent: specialists that are at the top of their field for a specific technology and generalists who can do a number of different things well, although perhaps not at an expert level. Recruiting technical talent of both types ensures that you have expertise where you need it, as well as overlap capable of connecting all the different services you offer.

4. Include Potential Teammates

interview with multiple team members

Hiring a technical team member should never be left to management or executives alone. Throughout the interview process, bring in the engineers and technicians who need to work with the new hire once they join your operation. Aside from the appreciation of having their opinion solicited, your current team members are more likely to ask questions and have discussions with the candidates that truly apply to the situations they’ll be dealing with on a daily basis. From a cultural perspective, having more of your team involved in the selection process can help ensure the new talent fits in well with the organization.

5. Hire the A-Team

You want to hire the top players in the game, but how do you know who is an A-player? For this recruitment tip, imagine what your competitors would do if they were interviewing a potential team member. Do you think this candidate is someone they would hire? If so, would you be disappointed that the candidate was on their team instead of yours? Asking yourself this question gives you additional perspective to assess how this person would fit on your team and what value they might offer to someone else should you let them leave without a job offer.

Using These Recruitment Tips Every Day


When looking for technical talent, your search should be as wide and deep as possible. Like a master chef cooking a meal, you are seeking the right mix of ingredients to generate the best end result. This means that each individual on the team must be of the highest quality possible while also complementing the other members of the team. Finding the right recipe is difficult, but the value of a strong team that works well together is hard to overstate. Click here to learn how Mosaic NetworX uses solutions teams to offer best-in-class service with technical expertise.