Managing the Challenges of Wireless Business Continuity

When you hear the term, “wireless business continuity,” what comes to mind? By nature, most people think of a central connection between cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. While this is true, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From employee remote connectivity to network failure support, this program is an essential resource for network connection stability and security. 

About Our Wireless Business Continuity Program

In the office? Out on a business trip? It doesn’t matter—Mosaic Networks provides a safe connection for virtually any location. You don’t need an excessive amount of hardware either. When we say wireless, we stick by that statement; we provide a simple and secure centralized connectivity system for all end-users. Our team leverages the power of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help you secure a stable business environment from anywhere you choose to work.

Features and Benefits

Wireless business continuity grants you the freedom to operate where you’re most comfortable. Take advantage of security, efficiency, and convenience in an easy-to-access network application. Notable amenities include:

  • Connection Redundancy

    There’s no such thing as good downtime. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or an accidental hardware failure, ISPs suffer connectivity degradation either way. With Mosaic, you never have to worry about being offline again. When we deploy wireless networks, we offer a tandem connection to work as a fail-safe in the case of an interruption.

  • Security

    At Mosaic, it’s our job to ensure your data stays out of harm’s way. Not only do we simplify connectivity at specific locations, but we also take a layered approach to ensure safety. From custom data encryption to network monitoring, you can count on us for holistic security services and remote connectivity management.

  • Accessibility

    Our technicians work around the clock to keep bugs out of your system. We automate a per-packet link steering performance to deter threats of brownouts and downtime. With us, expect proactive error correction and active buffering.

  • Integration

    Users operate with different tools at various times of the day, so make sure they’re coordinated in a secure environment. Mosaic offers comprehensive integration and deployment consulting to help organizations get the best results from their VPNs.

  • Management

    Good news—your employees can operate from anywhere in the world. The only question is: Who’s managing everything behind the scenes to make sure all systems and integrations are working properly? You need a robust data management process that helps streamline connections at various locations. Mosaic provides managed services and support for all devices and solutions linked to your network. Wherever your users are, expect the highest uptime availability from our team. 

Trust Wireless Business Continuity by Mosaic Networx

Do you want to simplify the way your team operates? With Mosaic Networx, you gain a true partner who always works to keep you ahead of the curve. Invest in the convenience, security, and peace of mind of our proven wireless business continuity platforms. For more information, connect with our team to schedule a free technology consultation. Send us a message today!