The title of this blog comes from an article that was written by Matt Hiles, and published last week in Telecom Ramblings. The article discusses SD-WAN, and the need to have comprehensive security for branch offices, the cloud and corporate headquarters.

Having a healthy security posture is more than just technology that is built into SD-WAN to encrypt and authenticate. To have a strong security posture, businesses need to have a comprehensive plan.

A key component of that plan is the cybersecurity assessment, that identifies, analyzes and evaluates risk. It also provides a framework for determining and remediating security vulnerabilities within the IT environment, workflows, and user awareness.

In the article, Matt emphasizes the need for businesses to think about networking and security as a whole, rather than separate parts. This is a crucial concept, because we’re not just talking about technology. A strong security posture includes technology, people and process. If these are not brought together within a holistic approach, things fall through the cracks, and vulnerabilities occur.

When Mosaic Networx solutions enter the picture, the complications and complexities of networking and security are streamlined and fall into place. We simplify the complex and problematic through our managed services. Mosaic SD-WAN as-a-Service, global carrier management services and managed cybersecurity services, eliminate the network as an obstacle, and empower the WAN to be a secure conduit for business enablement.

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