The cybersecurity threat landscape gets more widespread and complex every day. Protecting data, applications, networks, and equipment, both on-premises and in the cloud, presents many security challenges. With more users, laptops, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices, the attack surfaces for hackers, botnets, and ransomware to exploit is growing exponentially.

The best way to stay ahead of these security issues, is to have a centralized Security Operation Center (SOC), with a purpose-built Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that logs and manages all cybersecurity threats. Combating cybersecurity requires a holistic approach, so, in addition to the SOC managing cybersecurity threats, the SIEM should also proactively monitor, aggregate and correlate logs from other security devices, like firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

Fighting cybersecurity is no easy task. It takes specialized user skills, and many systems and technologies that need to be properly integrated, monitored and supported. Unfortunately, most organizations aren’t adequately prepared to effectively control cybersecurity. After all, it is a daunting task, and most simply don’t have the security expertise, tools and systems required to successfully protect their organizations.

Technology of all sorts has become so complex and sophisticated, out-sourcing IT services has become the norm. The cloud, virtualization, mobility and software-defined networking (SDN) have given rise to a new breed of managed service providers (MSPs) that solve many of today’s complex IT challenges. Moreover, MSPs bring great value in enabling organizations of all sizes to more effectively run their businesses, by taking advantage of the MSPs expertise to support their business requirements.

Organizations from virtually every industry are leveraging MSPs to take over the complexities associated with managing IT infrastructure. There are many advantages organizations gain by handing over technology to MSPs, who are more capable of dealing with the intricacies of today’s complex and dynamically changing technologies. Enterprises are outsourcing IT services for everything from data center infrastructure, to application hosting, security, and networking. 

Keeping Your Head Above Water with Security

Traditional security practices are not sustainable. Many organizations have dozens of security tools from many different vendors. Yet, they still wrestle with rudimentary security issues, including protecting critical data. If this describes your organization, you may want to consider an integrated approach to data protection.

The Mosaic Networx managed security service provides independent cybersecurity monitoring and oversight through our dedicated SOC, and managed SIEM platform that delivers proactive threat protection. Our managed security service eliminates the need for your organization to buy, install, maintain and support additional security products.

If your IT team is responsible for securing on-premise and cloud environments, you need specialized tools, systems and skills to understand the unique differences between on-premise and cloud environments. Mosaic SOC analysts detect and decipher the activities and threats unique to on-premise and cloud. Identifying behaviors common to both, and scrutinizing the context around distinct events, is vital in understanding how to respond accordingly.

There are different approaches required for managing on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. They require different monitoring capabilities and systems. Mosaic SOC experts can create and manage two separate use libraries, and maintain a current asset management inventory. By preparing for these capabilities in advance, your IT team will know where the on-premise boundaries begin and hybrid cloud ends.

IT Budgets and Staff are Squeezed

If your organization has discovered a breach, or experienced an increase in infected machines, viruses, or ransomware, one reason may be due to a security skills gap. This is not uncommon. According to a recent Frost and Sullivan report, there will be 1.8 million unfilled security positions over the next few years. If your organization has difficulties quickly identifying and responding to security alerts, you may need to enhance your organization’s security posture. Mosaic Managed Security Service can provide you with a fully-managed actionable threat monitoring platform, without you having to buy, implement, and manage diverse security products and maintain staff to keep up with new threats.

Our managed threat intelligence solution includes SOC experts that provide comprehensive security management and protection. As your technology security partner, Mosaic will develop a managed threat intelligence program, to ensure your organization is prepared to respond to growing security threats.

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