When making the move to IPv6, you and your IT team probably think first about fending off denial-of-service attacks and any dual-stack and tunneling-related exposures. Of course, you’re right to consider the ways to secure your network and protect your customers’ private information. Luckily, your tools for fighting off malicious actors can be found right inside your walls. In-house education is the foundation of your secure IP upgrade. Your team must know the ins and outs of hardware, testing, and security. How can you ensure that your team has the background they need?

IPv6 Forum Accreditation Makes Sure You Get the Best Training

The IPv6 Forum is devoted to the promotion of IPv6, and they participate in qualifying IPv6 certification courses. It’s helpful to look for their badges when seeking out an IPv6 certification program. The badges help identify programs that have been reviewed and deemed comprehensive by the IPv6 Forum. For example, Cisco’s range of certification courses have some IPv6 Forum accreditation, specifically CIEE and CCNP having gold status.

You may be looking for training company-wide, and especially for those employees who are technical decision-makers. One resource you have is Nephos6, which offers training not just for network engineers, but also for organizations as a whole. They have four different courses of certification: IPv6 for Decision Makers, IPv6 Foundations, Securing IPv6, and IPv6 eLearning.

certification badge

Sample of an IPv6 Forum badge. Look for these when searching for certification options. Image Source: Nephos6

Free IPv6 Certification Is Available

If cost is an obstacle to any sort of education or training for IPv6, then you have the option to find training for free. Global internet backbone provider Hurricane Electric is an early and aggressive adopter of IPv6 solutions. They have a comprehensive set of resources to help organizations to prepare for IPv6, and part of that is a free IPv6 certification program.

If you weren’t aware of the bounty of IPv6 educational resources at your disposal, this list is a good place to start. There are many other training organizations with IPv6 Forum approval, depending on what’s right for your operations.

It’s time for an initiative of IPv6 education, even if a business has not started yet, or you run the risk of exposing yourself to security vulnerabilities, connectivity problems, and more. Adoption rates are on the rise, but users are still slogging along. Staying ahead of upgrade issues fends off any potential liability issues with your IP network security. Many users don’t need a background in IPv6 hardware, testing, or security, but their trusted IT professionals certainly need to be well versed in IPv6 to protect user information.

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