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PTC ’14 is going on now!
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Like many of our colleagues, we are excited for this week’s PTC ’14 conference taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii. While the conference is half over as of this morning, it feels like we still have so much left to do and so many things left to learn. We’re already having a great time and will recap much of what happens later in the week. If this year’s conference is anything like PTC ’13, we are in for not only a great deal of fun, but also time well-spent preparing ourselves for the future of our industry and forging new partnerships for the months and years ahead. Here are eight thing we are looking forward to this week at PTC ’14…

  • A chance to network and learn from some of the best and brightest executives and managers in the telecom sector. Last year, over 80% of attendees were C-level, Vice Presidents, or management personnel from over 70 different countries.
  • Keynotes that cover a wide range of topics that will intertwine to form the future of our industry. From discussions of emerging transmission technology to capital investment, from engagement efficiencies to international regulations, the discussions taking place this week will enlighten everyone in attendance about what’s just around the corner.
  • Learning more about how sponsors and PTC partners are working to improve the way we all do business. From telecom and network providers to software solutions and non-profit organizations, we’re excited to learn more about the innovative products and solutions available in our sector.
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Attendees at a PTC event in Europe.
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  • The opportunity to spend time with students and members of academia. In 2013, nearly 15% of all attendees to the conference were from universities from around the world. It isn’t often that we have a chance to view our sector through the lens of researchers and students.
  • Exploring partnerships with vendors around the world.  The number of interesting and successful operations around the world that will have team members in attendance offers a great opportunity to explore and understand new markets. Even better, the chance to meet organizations and enterprises already thriving in these markets can provide mutual benefit.
  • Reflection on all that has transpired in the last year. One of our favorite parts of PTC each year is the chance to see what happened since the prior conference, and this year will be no different.
  • Giving appreciation to those doing great work in the pursuit of civic and academic excellence. There will be two academic awards as well as the Richard Barber Distinguished Service Award.
  • Enjoying the beauty of Hawaii. We certainly aren’t going to miss out on that! The charm and magic of Hawaii must be experienced to be believed.
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PTC 14 is taking place this week.
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Later in the week we will review what takes place at the conference and our impressions of the event itself. If you are attending, feel free to reach out and say ‘hello’ in the comments section. And if you are interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities with Mosaic NetworX, click here and let us know how we can work together!