In 2019, many businesses are expected to invest in networking products and services. While traditional networking and security infrastructure continues to get more complicated, and consequently, more expensive, IT budgets aren’t growing with them.

With tight capital and operational budgets, and often limited technical expertise to support branch offices and remote sites, ensuring effective IT results and total cost of ownership (TCO) can be a challenge.

Many companies are deploying SD-WAN, an important technology that helps lower bandwidth costs and streamline branch office network and security device sprawl. However, as with most technologies, there are many unforeseen costs that can unwind cost-efficiency expectations. That said, SD-WAN, when delivered as a fully managed service using best practices, can significantly lower costs and improve TCO.

According to Gartner, 22 percent of an enterprise’s capital and operational expenditure budget is spent on data and voice networks, and IT staff. CIOs and network managers that follow Gartner’s 10 best practices to optimize spending on network infrastructures and telecom services can save on network expenses. Below are Gartner’s top 10 ways to save money on networks.

  1. Manage Network Service Provider Relationships Appropriately, and Save 20 percent
  2. Use Hybrid WAN Architectures With SD-WAN, to Save as Much as 50 percent
  3. Embrace New Consumption Models and Save 30 percent
  4. Implement SIP Trunking to Save as Much as 50 percent
  5. Manage Mobile Service Providers and Save 15 percent
  6. Carefully Manage Network Equipment Vendors and Save 30 percent
  7. Segment Network Infrastructure and Save 30 percent
  8. Leverage WAN Optimization to Improve WAN Performance and Save 30 percent
  9. Just Say “No” to Chassis-Based Switches and Save 70 percent
  10. Scrutinize Network Equipment Maintenance Expenses and Save as Much as 50 percent

These best practices help lower network costs. In fact, it is these factors, and others, that are driving enterprises to deploy SD-WAN. Saving money is certainly high on the list, along with simplifying control and management, achieving greater agility, reliability, and easing cloud connectivity. Enterprises that deploy SD-WAN are proving out the cost saving benefits of leveraging SD-WAN’s overlay technology. It just makes sense to simplify the management of complex underlay infrastructure, and reduce bandwidth costs by using lower cost Internet and LTE, over traditional fixed circuits. SD-WAN simplifies the aggregation of multiple, diverse network links, and automatically prioritizes traffic between network links and paths to ensure reliable connectivity.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that conspire against enterprises looking to leverage SD-WAN to lower WAN costs, improve branch office connectivity, and have freedom to choose the best networks for their organizational needs. These factors include, carrier contracts that are typically long-term and inflexible. Large carriers are limited to a handful of players, offering fewer choices for local access. Additionally, there are the difficulties involved in changing providers. Each of these factors combine to give incumbent carriers leverage over enterprise customers, putting them at a disadvantage.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN is a carrier agnostic, single source, fully managed SD-WAN as-a-Service. We eliminate the time and costs that organizations incur, dealing with the multiplicity of SD-WAN, diverse distributed circuits, multiple carriers, and the intricacies and complexities associated with disparate technologies and their ability to effectively support business requirements.

We understand your time is best spent moving your business forward. Not dealing with the tedious and mundane technical challenges in your network that can hold you back.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service benefits:

  • Simplified management –One managed network provider for local and global needs
  • Lower costs, higher productivity –Minimize hardware expenses and branch staffing requirements
  • Grow your business –Our experts collaborate with you to evolve your network to take your business where it needs to go
  • Bundle with our OTT connectivity services –Let our experts optimize your data, mobile and voice connectivity

Our specialized skills and deep understanding of networking and carrier infrastructure, enables us to deliver SD-WAN as-a-Service in a highly orchestrated, single vendor solution. Mosaic simplifies application delivery infrastructure for SD-WAN and network services. This includes planning, designing, negotiating multiple carrier MSAs and connections. It also includes provisioning, managing, monitoring, and supporting everything, edge-to-edge, through our global NOC. We then simplify things further, with one multi-carrier contract, including everything within a single invoice.