IT performs an extremely important function that impacts user productivity and the company’s bottom line. While IT teams aren’t directly accountable for a company’s profits, they are responsible for company downtime and lost productivity costs. If the network goes down, every department in the company might be financially impacted.

IT departments have enough challenges to deal with on a daily basis. The last thing a network administrator needs is to have their day interrupted by a dysfunctional WAN that requires their urgent attention. Network problems are not only a big headache for IT, they’re not good for business. As a cost center, IT should be focused on spending their time helping the business, by planning and implementing strategic initiatives.

An IT department’s workload and responsibilities are needed to keep an organization’s network infrastructure running smoothly. But it can be an overwhelming task provisioning, managing and monitoring multiple network circuits and diverse equipment located within every branch office.

If you are considering deploying SD-WAN and managing it internally, there will be challenges. While the “user-friendly” interfaces of SD-WAN mask some of the management complexities, enterprises need to be aware that SD-WAN is not a silver bullet that solves all WAN problems.

If you’re considering migrating from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN, you can expect lots of changes. While IT administrators are very familiar with their traditional network management infrastructure and tools, there is a strong possibility the learning curve for a new SD-WAN management model will take some time. Additionally, your existing NMS may not synchronize well with the new SD-WAN orchestrator.

Mosaic Transforms Traditional WAN Into a Simplified and Cost-efficient SD-WAN Service

Mosaic helps IT focus on delivering strategic initiatives, by removing the burden of managing WAN infrastructure with our SD-WAN managed service. Mosaic takes care of all the WAN infrastructure details, allowing enterprises IT departments to focus on more strategic projects.

If your IT team is spending too much time on menial and tedious tasks, manually configuring devices and fixing issues, Mosaic can help. When IT departments are understaffed and overworked, they can become stressed, human errors increase, and projects can fall behind schedule. Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service helps avoid falling into the IT resource overload trap. Our dedicated SD-WAN managed service professionals proactively manage your SD-WAN and network infrastructure.

Mosaic helps you realign WAN infrastructure to a highly adaptable, strategic business support function. We remove the tedious and labor-intensive processes and manual tasks involved with WAN implementation, and procurement of multiple carrier circuits for all branch offices.

Rather than spending time and money fixing seemingly unending traditional WAN problems, IT planning, operations, and management, can now concentrate on technology solutions that positively impact the business. IT is freed from the burden of engineering new networks, keeping existing WAN infrastructure running, and time draining efforts trying to make WAN changes that align with the varied and dynamically-changing business requirements.

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