I admit to feeling a little spoiled!  With so much of the country experiencing cold temperatures, snow, and sleet, we’ve had the great fortune of spending the last couple of weeks in much warmer climates. After last week’s PTC conference in Hawaii, this week we get to head to the east coast for the IT Expo! While we are thankful to have a chance to see some old friends and meet new ones this week in Miami, the real value at ITExpo is in learning how new and emerging technologies can be linked together into robust and powerful solutions not just for clients, but for providers and partners as well.

Here are eight things we are excited about for ITExpo, starting tomorrow January 28th through the 31st…

IT Expo 2014 logo

IT Expo 2014 in Miami, Florida.
Image courtesy of TMC Net

  1. Keynote addresses by some of the most interesting people in IT, including Dr. Satwant Kaur.  Dr. Kaur, “the First Lady of Technology,” has worked in a variety of roles for some of the most respected and successful companies in technology. Her unique view on embedded systems and how they will further integrate into our world should be fascinating.
  2. Breakout sessions focusing on the the business side of running a VOIP enterprise.   The technology discussed at ITExpo 2014 will no doubt demonstrate some amazing new things happening in our sector. But we also enjoy the chance to learn about smaller companies and hearing how they transitioned from small startups to successful businesses.
  3. An opportunity to learn about new security measures available.   From cloud computing to BYOD environments, security challenges are getting more and more complex. Thankfully, this week at the ITExpo is a great time to learn not only about new technologies and solutions available, but also to learn how other organizations are putting them to work to create more secure environments for themselves and their clients.
  4. Friday’s drawing for a new car!  While we are planning on learning a lot and meeting a lot of great people, we’ll also be keeping our eye on that new Ford Mustang sitting in the Exhibit Hall. The drawing takes place Friday afternoon…we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.
  5. Wednesday’s panel discussion about cloud technology.  Representatives from Rackspace, IBM, and other successful large cloud computing companies will be joining each other onstage for a discussion entitled “Battle in the Cloud.” While the name implies a contentious discussion, we’re looking forward to hearing how these organizations view not only opportunities in the cloud space, but also how they view each other in the broader context. We expect a lot of great ideas and discussion with this group.
  6. Thursday’s round table discussion about how big data is changing the world all around us.  This panel features individuals from diverse organizations like an NFL team and a cruise-ship line. It will be interesting to hear how increasingly large volumes of data are leveraged in their organizations and the ideas they have for the future.
  7. Customer Interaction sessions structured around the future of customer service. Some conferences fall into the trap of addressing only B2B or consumer segments. Thankfully, ITExpo features discussions and sessions aimed at vendor relationships with both organizational customers and individual consumers. Customers of all types have new and increasingly demanding expectations about what good service means. These sessions should provide insight into how some of the great businesses in our sectors are addressing customer service.
  8. The Miami Convention Center.   We’ve been to this convention center before and the staff always does an amazing job making attendees and guests feel welcome.  From excellent food to an exceptionally friendly staff, the Miami Convention Center should help make the conference a rousing success.
Miami convention center.

We’re looking forward to our time at the Miami Convention Center.
Image courtesy of TMC Net.

If you see us wandering around, please say “hello.”  The ITExpo is a great chance not just to learn new information but also hear interesting new ideas that challenge convention while asking tough questions about the future over the IT sector. We can’t wait for things to kick off! Until then, click here to learn which technologies Mosaic NetworX is focused on as 2014 gets going, full steam ahead!