Cloud, virtualization and mobility have greatly impacted data center and networking technology advancements. These transformative technologies have become business imperatives. The fact is, they have had such a considerable influence on business outcomes, they have in many ways leveled the playing field among small, medium and large businesses.

Because of the significant changes in the way users communicate and connect, geographical distances now separate all users from cloud and SaaS applications. Unfortunately, the distributed networks can be the great barrier to user productivity, and the ability for business to quickly respond to dynamic market opportunities.

Digital Transformation is a Business Imperative
Software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), are reshaping enterprise IT infrastructure. Virtualized network functions (VNFs) are today’s building blocks that create new dynamic capabilities, service chaining together diverse virtual network and security components. Now, enterprises can have the agility, dynamic scalability, security and cost-efficiencies they need to compete.

Businesses competing in the global marketplace need agile, secure and fast connectivity to data centers, cloud and SaaS applications. It doesn’t matter where applications or users are located.

Incremental Technology Change Isn’t Cutting It
Over the past few decades, technology has dramatically improved business and advanced growth. But, to a large extent, technology advancements have been held back. This is mainly due to technology companies being too protective of their proprietary products. For decades, traditional networks and network device vendors have grown into complex and rigid infrastructures that held businesses down.

SD-WAN is Moving Business Forward
Connecting branch offices in Boston, New York and Miami to headquarters in Los Angeles, or a cloud or SaaS service requires multiple carrier negotiations and MSAs, deployment timeframes, multi-layered security, coordination of multiple service provider NOC support facilities, and a lot of time, resources and money. An enterprise with dozens of remote offices, each branch has to go through the same carrier negotiations, multiple circuit deployments, and detailed coordination, management and support. The solution to this problem is not more of the same.

The solution is a single point of contact with an SD-WAN managed service provider that delivers carrier agnostic WAN connectivity. As traditional WANs give way to SD-WANs, business will thrive. SD-WAN, and the technologies behind it, are a new model for efficient and agile business enablement. SD-WAN delivered as a service, can provide more than capital investment savings. Depending on the business model, operational savings and even new revenue opportunities can be achieved by deploying new services.

Mosaic Networx Business Technology Services
Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service enables organizations to control and simplify their entire application delivery infrastructure, while eliminating capital expenses and lowering operational costs. Mosaic transforms traditional WANs from costly and cumbersome, into cost-efficient, agile and performance-driven business connections. We engage customers with a consultative approach, providing guidance and education to achieve the most advantageous network infrastructure to match business needs. Our managed SD-WAN encompasses all the elements organizations need to reliably deliver applications, anywhere, while future-proofing WAN infrastructure.

Developed on the VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud technology, Mosiac SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service is driven by a business-oriented orchestration layer and underpinned by automation and virtual services insertion. Mosaic simplifies branch office connectivity, streamlines WAN deployments, and improves application performance for distributed organizations. To provide seamless access to cloud-hosted and corporate data center applications, hundreds of cloud gateways are positioned globally.

Additionally, Mosaic aggregates private circuits, DIA Internet, broadband Internet, LTE, MPLS, and any other transport, and bundles them into one multi-carrier contract. Using our specialized technical and business skills, and deep networking and telecom industry knowledge, we provide the guidance you’re looking for to achieve optimal network connectivity. Our proven process-driven methodologies ensure your WAN easily scales with your organization, improves user productivity, provides seamless access to the cloud, and meets your varied business needs.