There is a tremendous business opportunity for selling SD-WAN solutions over the next five years. SD-WAN sales will grow nearly 70%, as the need for improved WAN services arises. According to the IDC, will reach over $8 billion by 2021.

Mosaic NetworX is leading the industry as a SD-WAN provider with our fully managed SoftWave® SD-WAN as-a-Service. A fully managed, single-source provider of SD-WAN services eliminates the additional time and costs that organizations incur, dealing with the multiplicity of technologies and business interactions that encompass SD-WAN. Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service allows large, medium and small organizations to have the reliable, secure, and fast connectivity they need to compete in today’s fast-paced market.

Why Partner with Mosaic NetworX?

For decades, large network carriers have strived to deliver quality WAN services to large enterprise users. But today, it’s about delivering a simplified quality experience to mid and small-size enterprise users. Making WAN infrastructure consumer-friendly requires seamless WAN connectivity, delivered any time, from anywhere. This requires close attention to detail, and logistical planning, including SD-WAN technology, negotiating carrier contracts, optimizing transport redundancy, costs and quality, proactive monitoring, and 24/7 global support. This is what Mosaic NetworX does.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN-as-a-Services are Partner-driven solutions that quickly and efficiently deliver turnkey SD-WAN to the market, while providing Mosaic Partners with sustainable and recurring revenue that drives their business forward.

Mosaic SD-WAN as-a-Service encompasses the SD-WAN supply chain, and is 100% channel-driven. This includes planning and management of all application delivery infrastructure and activities involved in sourcing, procurement, deployment, and logistics. Learn how you can earn substantial commissions selling Mosaic SD-WAN supply chain.

Mosaic Solution Partner Advantages.

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