Increase Bandwidth, And Lower Costs

Enterprise WANs are increasingly complex, due to the expansion of the WAN perimeter to the cloud, and highly distributed and mobile users. By intelligently expanding bandwidth, businesses can control costs while managing capacity and performance.

Whether you augment existing MPLS with Internet, or replace it completely with low cost Internet and wireless links, Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN can cost-effectively increase bandwidth, with no additional CapEx. Expanding bandwidth can be done in phases, to control costs, while managing capacity and performance on-demand.

Unfortunately, Internet and wireless links offer no quality guarantee, and are vulnerable to network delay, packet loss and jitter. Adding more links to an existing WAN creates additional complexity that can be disruptive in a large network with thousands of sites. For example, there are multiple negotiations for carrier contracts, and multiple invoices and payments to track. When maintenance problems arise, there are different support organizations from each service provider. These challenges can quickly undo the promise of SD-WAN easing complexity and lowering costs.

WAN Link Diversity With Greater Control

Adding new links brings many technical challenges, such as ensuring business-critical traffic stays on MPLS, identifying specific traffic for MPLS, and defining and applying rules, are some of the MPLS challenges. Ensuring non-critical traffic only goes over Internet links, and securing that traffic, when VPN is only on MPLS, are some of the challenges with Internet links.

Traditional WAN infrastructure is cumbersome and difficult to control and adapt. Making dynamic changes, and manipulating network resources to support cloud services, becomes difficult at best. Today’s modern WANs are software-driven, and supported by an orchestration service layer that automates network behaviors to support business objectives. SD-WAN mitigates network performance problems by proactively routing traffic across multiple connections using the best path to avoid congestion and failures.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service is driven by a business-oriented orchestration layer and underpinned by automation and virtual services insertion. To expand bandwidth and lower costs, Mosaic aggregates private circuits, DIA Internet, broadband Internet, wireless, and any other link type, and bundles them into one multi-carrier contract. To provide seamless access to cloud-hosted and enterprise data center applications, hundreds of cloud gateways are positioned globally. Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN uses application-aware per-packet link and path steering, and on-demand remediation to deliver optimized application performance for all traffic types.

Mosaic simplifies bandwidth connectivity, by providing a single point of contact for all SD-WAN and network services. This includes planning, designing, negotiating multiple carrier MSAs and connections. It also includes provisioning, managing, monitoring, and supporting everything, edge-to-edge, through our global NOC.

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