Take a SIP – Simplify Your Life with Mosaic NetworX DID Origination Service

Using Mosaic NetworX DID Origination Services, enhanced service providers can provide origination services in areas of the US or globally that were previously too costly or cumbersome. Additionally, you can order, track, and manage your DID inventory through our user-friendly, real-time activation portal.

DID Origination

Eliminate the patchwork of vendors, trunks, and network management. With Mosaic NetworX DID Origination, you can quickly, simply, and cost-effectively deploy a domestic and international network that will differentiate your service while providing the flexibility your customers demand.

  • 85 Countries and 6000+ Rate Centers in the US.
  • Single Trunk Global Coverage
  • Consolidate Multiple Vendors
  • API and Web Portal for Real-time Provisioning of DIDs
  • Local Number Portability (LNP)
  • Session or Usage Billing Options
  • T.38 faxing over IP capability
  • Calling Card Origination Available

To find out more about our DID Origination Service, you can contact us online or talk to a person at 800-688-3770 today!

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