GCM is controlled through Mosaic’s USA-based network operations center (NOC), that supports networks around the world.

The Mosaic NOC is a centralized location, with a fully redundant facility for carrier-grade reliability and performance, proactive around the clock monitoring, maintenance and service desk support.


Our technicians meticulously look for anomalous network activities, making adjustments, with our extensive tools, systems and resources. When issues arise, we create alert tickets that identify and categorize them, based on severity, alert type and other criteria. Small and mid-sized in-house IT departments typically don’t have such robust resources and capabilities. Therefore, they are unable to respond to emergency situations as quickly and efficiently.

A help desk is a call center that responds to customer questions and support calls. Rather than simply a help desk, Mosaic’s NOC provides back-end maintenance, problem resolution and support. We don’t just respond to problems, we proactively look for issues, to ensure network uptime and optimal performance. More often than not, if a network problem occurs, we fix it before customers are even aware of it. The Mosaic NOC provides carrier-grade reliability, around the clock monitoring and service desk support:

  • Engineers and technicians are responsible for monitoring network health, availability, security and capacity. Mosaic continuously makes proactive decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance, security and reliability are achieved.
  • Mosaic is responsible for circuits we procure. And if a customer is under contract with another carrier, we can monitor those circuits, too. This is quite different from a large carrier, that will not monitor circuits from another carrier.
  • Mosaic offers diverse networks throughout the world, including TDM or Ethernet Private Line, MPLS, VPLS, Dark Fiber, Broadband Internet and LTE Wireless.
  • Being carrier agnostic allows Mosaic to have integral carrier relationships, and negotiated wholesale contracts with over 400 carriers worldwide. This enables us to provide the best connections based on proximity, price, deployment time and service quality.
“Mosaic helped us get the best priced deal on an aggregate commit, while still keeping some flexibility in our carrier contracts, which was important to us. When we switched from static routing to using BGP they were helpful at all stages of the process, and the migration went very smoothly. Mosaic has helpful and technically proficient staff, and I have always had positive contract and technical contact with them. I highly recommend them.”
Manager of Technical Operations, Storm8
Many Networks One Solution®

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