SD-WAN Managed Hybrid WAN

A hybrid WAN allows enterprises to simplify management of existing private network services, like MPLS, and combine low-cost broadband and wireless links.

With a hybrid WAN, all links are active for network redundancy, and each link can carry specific traffic types. Compared to a traditional WAN, a hybrid WAN managed by SD-WAN enables WAN agility, significantly faster WAN deployments, lower costs, and increased bandwidth to meet application requirement.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN delivers the application response, reliability, performance and security needed to support a hybrid network, and provides centralized management and control of all distributed links.

Simplify Hybrid WAN Management and Control

Our simplified application delivery model uses a single edge appliance at each branch, with virtual network function (VNF) chained services that are centrally managed to ease and speed deployments.  In addition to cost savings, our SD-WAN deployment model lowers costs by eliminating multiple single-function hardware devices.

Mosaic is a fully managed, single source provider of SD-WAN as-a-Service. This eliminates the additional time and costs that organizations incur, dealing with the multiplicity of SD-WAN technologies and business interactions.

Mosaic simplifies application delivery infrastructure, by providing a single point of contact for all SD-WAN and network related services. This includes planning, designing, negotiating multiple carrier MSAs and connections. It also includes provisioning and supporting everything, edge-to-edge, through our US-based NOC that proactively monitors and manages WAN infrastructure – 24/7/365. We then simplify things further, with one multi-carrier contract, including everything within a single invoice.

Many Networks One Solution®

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