From tech-startups in the West side to media companies in Hollywood, to software companies in Orange County, the Los Angeles area has a tremendously diverse business climate. Powering this diversity and business expansion is world-class connectivity.

Mosaic NetworX offers the fully scalable, unrestricted capacity of DARK FIBER in Los Angeles, so organizations of all sizes have the power they need to stay connected, stay secure, and stay focused on the future.

How are innovative companies in Los Angeles using DARK FIBER right now?

  • A movie studio transferring raw footage from one editor to another. Digital movie footage takes up an extraordinary amount of space. Different editors need to share dense content quickly and securely as a project moves toward completion. This studio has the secure bandwidth needed to move digital content between editing houses on their private network built on DARK FIBER.
  • A media company is delivering real time content to different hubs across the country. Users are hungry for videos, pictures, and articles which places a ever-increasing demand on bandwidth. A private network built on DARK FIBER gives this media company a direct way to distribute content between their many offices and publish it to the internet.
  • A world-class hospital network is utilizing a centralized patient database. Keeping patient records centralized means that no matter where the patient is seen, the most updated information is available for their attending physician. But regulations call for this data to be secure. A private network built on DARK FIBER gives this hospital system a scalable way to securely transfer patient records that exceeds compliance requirements.

A network that is safe from intrusion, reliable in performance, and scalable in nature can be the difference between a failed business and an enormous success. Your ability to share data across your organization, to collaborate effectively, and to leverage your business intelligence more efficiently is paramount to your ongoing success.

Mosaic NetworX provides flexible DARK FIBER solutions to data centers as well as enterprise locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

If your organization needs a private, fully scalable, unrestricted network, click here to contact a DARK FIBER expert at Mosaic NetworX.

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