Mountain View is dominated by tech giants and a diverse collection of other innovative companies.

In addition to Google, there are hundreds of other companies and thousands of other creative, and intelligent people collaborating to change the world. From venture capitalists and financial service providers to engineering firms and media companies, Mountain View is a hub of new technology.

Standard commercial broadband is not enough for these high-performance firms. For these companies, Mosaic NetworX offers the fully scalable, unrestricted capacity of DARK FIBER in Mountain View.

How are innovative companies in Mountain View using DARK FIBER?

  • A social network geared towards professionals is sending content around the world. Millions of concurrent users can tax a broadband circuit, and managing peak usage without interruption is a challenge. A private network built on DARK FIBER allows this company’s intranet to operate at a high level regardless of what traffic looks like on the main site.
  • A genetics testing company is analyzing DNA sequences.  Cataloging and analyzing large amounts of data requires significant processing power. Combining servers in different locations means getting the most out of the necessary hardware. This company now maximizes processing resources while keeping critical data secure with a private network built on DARK FIBER.
  • A bioscience research organization working with global partners.  Searching for the next break-through in medicine or food supply or energy is an enormous undertaking requiring countless hours of careful research. Collaboration between those trying to solve a problem is paramount to the mission’s success. A private network built on DARK FIBER gives this life science consortium a secure, scalable way to transmit research data up and down the west coast.

Mosaic NetworX provides flexible DARK FIBER solutions to data centers as well as enterprise locations throughout the Mountain View Area.

If your organization needs a private, fully scalable, unrestricted network, click here to contact a DARK FIBER expert at Mosaic NetworX.

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