The Pacific Northwest is unlike any other part of the country. From Mt. Rainier to Microsoft, from the Pike Place Market to the Space Needle, the greater Seattle area features some of the most interesting cultures and successful business environments in the entire world.

But that success can’t take place without world-class connectivity. For these innovative companies, Mosaic NetworX offers the fully scalable, unrestricted capacity of DARK FIBER in Seattle area.

How are innovative companies in Seattle using DARK FIBER right now?

  • A world famous software company is managing data-centers all around the world. Promising high uptime and reliability to cloud services customers means having the IT infrastructure to keep that promise. A network built on DARK FIBER connects data centers all around the world so that this well-known software company can deliver its SaaS model to users all over the world.
  • An aerospace company is protecting sensitive government information. One of the largest aerospace companies in the world employs tens of thousands of workers in Seattle, and much of their work goes to building aircraft for the government. This organization has a secure, direct line to send and receive confidential information to their end customer via their private network built on DARK FIBER.
  • A clean-energy company needing uninterrupted connectivity between processing facilities. For optimal energy production, each facility must run efficiently every minute of every day. This efficiency comes from making real time adjustments and constantly recalibrating the entire system to avoid waste. A private network built on DARK FIBER gives this company a high-reliability connection on which that data can be sent and received.

Your network must be a competitive advantage. You need a connection that allows for high transport speeds even at peak levels, and your users must have peace of mind that the critical data you control is secure at all times.

Mosaic NetworX provides flexible DARK FIBER solutions to data centers as well as enterprise locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

If your organization needs a private, fully scalable, unrestricted network, click here to contact a DARK FIBER expert at Mosaic NetworX.

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