Unified Communications requires reliable and consistent WAN connectivity

UC applications compete with all other applications over limited bandwidth. Wireless and Internet links are susceptible to latency and packet loss, that can cause dropped calls, choppy voice and video, and echoing.

Intelligent, Proactive Network Control

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN application recognition identifies UC traffic flows to deliver optimal application delivery. This is accomplished with intelligent bandwidth management, traffic steering on a packet-by-packet basis, and link conditioning. Mosaic continuously monitors all available links and provides link conditioning, to alleviate the impact of packet loss and jitter.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN overcomes Internet limitations, and simplifies configuration and control of network characteristics that can impact UC performance. We are a global managed service provider with a partner ecosystem and proprietary SD-WAN supply chain that enables us to rapidly deploy WAN connectivity, with sourcing, service quoting, configuration, management and monitoring, that enables us to quickly deploy and easily scale UC applications. To deliver a quality user experience and lower bandwidth costs, Mosaic aggregates private circuits, DIA Internet, broadband Internet, wireless, and any other link, and bundles them into one multi-carrier contract.

Many Networks One Solution®

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