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The Challenge

  • When top Dental Service Organization (DSO) InterDent experienced issues with its outdated WAN, they needed to take action to keep nearly 200 sites running smoothly. They were struggling with a complex environment, unpredictable administrative demands, and inconsistent service. InterDent needed a solution that was simpler to manage and provided the performance, security, and scalability its healthcare providers needed.

Mosaic’s Solution

  • To standardize and simplify its WAN infrastructure across all its sites, InterDent migrated to a VMware SD-WAN solution. They deployed 192 VMware SD-WAN Edge devices, as well as a VMware SD-WAN Edge configured in High Availability mode in their main data center.  They have three major hubs in Inglewood, California, Vancouver, Washington, and Salem, Oregon, as well as supporting three call centers.
  • Most of InterDent’s sites now leverage dual broadband connections and dedicated Internet access (DIA), although select locations employ dedicated Internet access and single circuit links. The firm also employs LTE for backup failover support for VoIP calls, and satellite microwave and fixed wireless technology at a few remote sites. The VMware SD-WAN solution quickly enabled InterDent to apply a flexible, standardized architecture that could support all its diverse communication needs.


  • Migrating to VMware SD-WAN has enabled InterDent to gain improved management and visibility, to apply more control over WAN and troubleshoot issues faster.
  • InterDent is consistently growing, evolving, and advancing in dental technologies. The VMware SD-WAN solution provides a scalable platform that can easily accommodate new business needs.