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The Challenge

  • The client was in the market to modernize their legacy MPLS network connecting all their dental offices to their data center and to the internet.
  • CTI needed help with solving many back-office problems for the time-strapped client, who didn’t want to manage multiple contracts from multiple service providers.
  • The Client did not have a lot of firm technical requirements for the project other than to “upgrade the existing services,” which meant that the client would have to determine their technical requirements, then design and recommend a solution that best suited their needs.
  • The deployment of the recommended solution would have to take place during a pandemic.

Mosaic’s Solution

  • Mosaic was able to recommend a unique solution of dual SD-WAN circuits with LTE failover, and rather than architecting the solution as primary and secondary circuits, a parallel, load-sharing design gave the client the greatest business continuity and uptime.


  • Mosaic was able provide internet connection to 185 offices estimated to be worth an annual revenue of $1.5 – $1.7 million.
  • Mosaic was able save the CTI team a lot of time because they were able to take a backseat to a very complicated deployment.
  • Mosaic was able to set the client and their team up so that they would only need to put in an hour or two per week with this project.
  • Mosaic was able to “they make their team bigger,” which is great way of having a whole support team, that gives an infrastructure that can be counted on.