Can an internet connection save a life?

Last month, our friend Arthur headed to the ER one night, suffering from shortness of breath. He was quickly admitted and the physician ordered X-rays in an effort to diagnose what was going on. As Arthur was wheeled back into a room, the high-resolution digital pictures from the X-ray room were already traveling to the other side of the country where they would be read by the hospital’s contracted radiologist. Within just a few minutes, the radiologist was able to call the ER with a diagnosis, and Arthur was able to get immediate treatment.

x ray of a chest and ribs

Digital films require large networks to transmit, making private line ethernet a good option.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In hospitals around the world, every second counts. Transferring data from an exam room to a radiologist or other colleague across the country and back again can’t be delayed by a slow network connection. The same goes for researchers and scientists collaborating on complex problems from different universities and laboratories. From Wall Street traders eager to receive financial information seconds before the competition to film makers collaborating on a final edit from different sides of the world, high speed network connectivity is no longer a mere convenience. For many companies, low latency networks are a necessity for survival.

Internet and ethernet speeds have been increasing for years while overcall costs have declined. “Gigabit” networks – that is, networks with 125MB/s download speeds – are now available in many metro areas with prices that actually fit into the budget. Even most home connections are four or five times faster than even the quickest connections available a decade ago. That said, speed isn’t always the issue. Private line ethernet is less about dedicated speed and more about security and control over the data being transferred.

So what type of company or organization would benefit from private line ethernet? Any organization or enterprise with business-critical, real-time applications or large data sets needing to be transported might benefit from a private line ethernet connection. If your network is transporting sensitive, non-public data like social security numbers, financial data, or medical information, then private line ethernet can send and receive your information with a higher degree of reliability and security than standard network connections. Furthermore, video transmission or VOIP calling are often best carried out without signal degradation or intrusion over private line ethernet.

One place making great use of private line ethernet is the education sector. Many people underestimate the amount of data being created, transmitted, and archived at institutions of higher learning. From scientific research to non-public student data (like financial records and health information), many universities operate as part of the same state-operated system or have affiliate schools in other locations. Private line ethernet allows these institutions and facilities a continuous connection between different locations and reliable bandwidth to transmit and receive large data sets. The ability to collaborate across their affiliated university network means that research and development work being done by some of the brightest minds in the world can be shared with ease.

A number of companies like Mosaic NetworX are able to offer private line ethernet in many places around the country and around the world. But simply offering private connections isn’t enough – we also utilize complex architecture to make your private line scaleable if you add endpoints or offices. We can also offer redundancy and restoration options that quite often mean significantly more reliable continuous service then standard commercial offerings.  In fact, one of the most significant practical benefits of a private line ethernet connection is that the provider almost always has multiple network connections available so that service can be restored in a matter of microseconds. Users of standard internet offerings may be without a connection for minutes, hours, or even days. If that kind of downtime would impact your business operations, then private line ethernet may be worth considering.

Some companies can get by well enough with standard commercial internet services, but for those organizations and industries that benefit from having a dedicated and manageable private network, the benefits of private line ethernet are difficult to overstate. Click here to learn more about Mosaic NetworX private line ethernet services!