In the last year, a popular online classified service began offering SMS proxy service for listings. In the past, buyers and sellers could communicate via email using a proxy service that anonymized their email addresses. Negotiating a deal could take place safely behind a computer screen with the privacy of both parties intact. The problem was, however, that when it came time to actually meet up and finalize the transaction, both people often ended up exchanging cell phone numbers, anyway. Giving up such a personal detail meant that the veil of safety and security presented by the email relay was wiped away. Thankfully, the integration of SMS proxy services means that entire transactions can be conducted anonymously via cell phone. No longer do would-be buyers and sellers on the service need to worry that their private information is being collected by marketers or ill-intentioned individuals.

Text messaging on a QWERTY device

Text messaging is even more ubiquitous than email.

In short, SMS proxy services allow messages to appear to come from a number other than the real originating number. From classified listings, like that mentioned above, to dating services, SMS services provide privacy and anonymity through cell phone messaging. But the power of proxy services is much greater than simply giving people a layer of protection and privacy.

For example, SMS proxy services can be useful in customer service engagements, as well. If a customer sends a text message to a support number, an SMS proxy means that more than one support technician can help solve the issue without the customer realizing it.  A support request or ticket can be addressed by an entire team instead of a single individual. From the customer perspective, however, they are working with a single point of contact on their issue. The company is able to act swiftly and work together until the problem is solved even if there is a change in support personnel. The customer feels that they are receiving individual attention from a dedicated agent and exceptional support. Everyone wins.

Building brand awareness can also be accomplished through proxy services. Just as a proxy number can be used to send messages, it can be used to receive messages, as well. An SMS proxy number can be set up for specific marketing campaigns just like a vanity email address. For example, advertisers can use different proxy numbers to A/B test different messages by placing a different number on each different advertisement. Proxy services allow the advertiser to track which number receives the most messages while allowing each message to forward to a main number where it can be collected for a marketing database. The responses from potential customers and clients can all be collected in the same place, but vital information about behavior can be collected based on which numbers were used most often.

Proxy services can also be used to collect input and feedback from employees that might otherwise be hesitant to express their opinions on company matters. A proxy service would allow attendees of a meeting to send real-time feedback and ask questions anonymously and openly. If a manager or director is interested in honest feedback about a company directive, new product, or similar sensitive issue, then an SMS proxy is a great way to collect that feedback. Employees can voice their opinions without fear of reprisal or retribution through an SMS proxy service.

The power of SMS and text messaging is only just now being discovered. A technology designed to send short, text-only messages to individual end users is now integral to things as diverse as business automation and mass-marketing. SMS proxy services are about more than simply hiding your name and real phone number when participating in a text message conversation. Proxies, forwarding, and relays mean that SMS messages can be used in dozens of ways to increase customer engagement and client happiness.

As our preferred communication methods change, it is imperative that savvy businesses change with the times. SMS messaging is a powerful way to get your message through to customers…and for them to get their message through to you. Mosaic NetworX is experienced in configuring and managing SMS proxy services for organizations of all sizes. Click here if you’re interested in learning how SMS services and proxy messaging can be a new tool in your communications strategy!