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CTI Case Study

See the full case study The Challenge The client was in the market to modernize their legacy MPLS network connecting all their dental offices to their data center and to the internet. CTI needed help with solving many back-office problems for the time-strapped client, who didn’t want to manage multiple contracts from multiple service providers. The Client did [...]

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Core Connections Case Study

See the full case study The Challenge The client's telecommunications supplier informed them that they would be taking the business direct and cutting them out of the loop, which would create 25% loss to their annual revenue. The client needed a provider that could replace the multi-site requirement as well as jump right in and meet the requirements [...]

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The Complete Guide to Cloud Phone Technology

Mosaic CloudPhone—The Resource You Can Trust It’s time to say goodbye to your legacy equipment. Business dynamics are transforming and the demand for efficient and secure communication platforms has never been stronger. In years past, the best solution was an infrastructure full of telecommunications hardware and software. Now, the tides have changed as the industry looks for a less expensive, [...]

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Experts Explain Why Cybersecurity Assessments Matter

Every business must conduct an annual cybersecurity assessment If you aren’t worried about the cyber landscape, you should be. Crooks never take time off. Cyber criminals work around the clock to take advantage of your most important assets. Sensitive data, personal information, health records, intellectual property—it’s all on the line. Cyber attacks can land from any angle at any time. [...]

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Our Approach to Wireless Business Continuity

Managing the Challenges of Wireless Business Continuity When you hear the term, “wireless business continuity,” what comes to mind? By nature, most people think of a central connection between cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. While this is true, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From employee remote connectivity to network failure support, this program is an essential [...]

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NTS Case Study

See the full case study The Challenge Client has 28 branch offices and two data centers, but is saddled with legacy MPLS WAN that limits Cloud App performance and user experience. Client wants to minimize IT staff workload with fully managed global WAN. Mosaic's Solution Mosaic NetworX upgrades client’s WAN to a full-managed SD-WAN-as-a-service, which includes carrier-diverse dedicated [...]

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